Corey J. Thomas
Corey's photography is inspired by the beauty of mother nature. Through his images Corey hopes to instill and reinforce a crucial urgency to protect and rehabilitate what remains of Earth's natural spaces.
Corey is a seasoned freelance Camera Operator and Assistant Camera. He has a creative eye for capturing high quality imagery and has worked with several major tv networks, including Warner Brothers, Discovery, Sundance/AMC, Food Network, Magnolia, HGTV, and many others.
Corey specializes as an underwater camera technician and operator. He has hundreds of logged hours in the water with still and video cameras capturing marine life, documenting dive sites, and shooting scenes for scripted narratives. Corey has trained with Hydroflex underwater housings founder Pete Romano, ASC in underwater camera operation and housing tech.
Corey J. Thomas operates second camera on set of the film Treasure Trackers.
Professional Affiliations:
Ocean Artist Society
Society of Camera Operators
National Association of Underwater Instructors
MCA Yachtmaster

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